These FAQ may help. Also feel free to email or contact us  for more assistance. 

Cool Kids - Taking Control is an online self-help program that is designed to help children who have been targets of bullying and who also have high levels of anxiety.

The program teaches children new skills to help them

- feel more confident,

- to act in helpful ways if they are bullied, and

- learn how to cope if they feel worried, angry or sad.

If you have problems with using the Cool Kids platform or questions about the Cool Kids - Taking Control program, please email

Some tips to reduce technological problems include:

-          Make sure that “pop-ups” are enabled on your computer or tablet

-         The program works best using Google Chrome

You can enlarge the main window by clicking on the double arrows on the black bar at the bottom of the video screen. This black bar allows you to press pause and adjust the volume of the video. The double arrows can be found on the far right of the black bar.

Press the “Esc” key to reduce the main window to normal size.

You can find a video explaining how to use the Cool Kids – Taking Control site under the “HELP” tab on the Main Menu. 

You can open activity sheets by using the buttons below the main window. All activity sheets are PDF documents. You can print blank copies of your activity sheets and fill them in by hand. Or, you can edit and save activity sheets on your computer or tablet using the latest version of Adobe Reader. Watch a video explaining how to fill in activity sheets under the “HELP” tab on the Main Menu.